Sunday, 27 March 2011

What's her name?

The keen blog readers will have already seen the breakdown of whats-her-name, a.k.a ruubin. After being referred to as the sidekick of freeduck_, she blew her head of in a unwitty manner. Fights broke out, yade yade yadah, and some people made humerous remarks, others had awful taste in insults, where as others...

But the ass-kissing comments are not what I want to talk about, no. It's the extremely lame insults in the actual post that caught my eye. So i thought, "top 10 worst insults? Why not."

Drumroll please.... I present to you, the top ten worst insults by Ruubin!

As you can see, this girl seriousy lacks talent and correct grammar when it comes to insults.

Dr Louise's diagnosis; follow your own advice, re-read number 4.

Dry humour.

I've always loved dry humour. Whether that is from my family, the fact that i'm from the uk or it's just me; i don't know. But i've wanted to write a blog like this for a while, one where i can openly mock. So here it is. Starduh ;D